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Manthropology (Peter McAllister)

Manthropology (Peter McAllister)


Deadbeat dads, mediocre metrosexuals, sissy-boy strongmen - all are laid ruthlessly bare using the science of MANTHROPOLOGY.


Men had no clue, women liked to think they knew and now the scientific verdict is in - every man in history, back to the dawn of our species, did everything better, faster, stronger and smarter than any man alive today.


Anthropologist Peter McAllister has gathered the evidence from archaeology, evolutionary psychology and ancient history to confirm the unpleasant truth: modern man is sadly inadequate. McAllister proves that:


- Any Neandertal woman could have beaten Arnold Schwarzenegger in an armwrestle.

- Injury rates in modern Ultimate Fighting are a fraction of those in ancient Greek pankration.

- Metrosexual icon David Beckham wouldn't even get an audition for the gerewol, the male beauty parade of the Nigerian Wodaabe.

- Even modern 'New Age' dads are put to shame by Aka Pygmy fathers of the Congo rainforest, who sometimes grew breasts to suckle their infants!


Peter McAllister, author of Manthropology, is an archeologist and science writer from the University of Western Australia, where he lectures in science communication. He insists that he doesn’t have it in for men, and that he is, in fact, happy being one himself. Besides his work as a scientist, Peter has been, by turns, a journalist, an ad salesman for a country music radio station, and a Chinese-speaking football commentator.

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