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更新日期:2月 10



所有書籍均以原價約三成出售,可以信用卡、PayPal或現金付款,結帳後即可預約取書,或選擇順豐快運送抵指定地點 (運費由收件人支付)。




We reckon there is a need to overcome boredom when you have to stay home in the time of a pandemic. Check out our new initiative "Book Shopping", where you can buy quality Chinese and English used books at around 1/3 of their listed price. You can choose to pay by credit card, PayPal or cash. After that, a pickup arrangement can be scheduled. Alternatively, book(s) can be sent to you by SF Express ( paid by the receiver) . The shelves will be replenished on a weekly basis.

Here is a step-by-step shopping guide for your reference:

Check out our online bookstore now:

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