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The English Seaside in Victorian and Edwardian Times (John Hannavy)

The English Seaside in Victorian and Edwardian Times (John Hannavy)


Photography and the seaside holiday developed together. From the middle of Queen Victoria's reign until the outbreak of the First World War, as holidays became increasingly popular, the number of photographs offered for sale as mementos of a magical week by the coast grew enormously. When ingenious methods of coloring photographs became available in the 1890s, the coloured holiday photographic print, and later the picture postcard, defined the seaside memory. 


Through a wonderful collection of coloured photographs covering many of England's coastal resorts, linked to a selected written commentaries from Charles Dickens and others, this unique book celebrates the heyday of the seaside holiday.


John Hannavy is a well-known writer, photographer and photographic historian, and has written and edited thirty books on travel, heritage, photography and photographic history. Hannavy's other Shire books include: Fox Talbot, Victorian Photographers at Work, and Britain's Working Coast in Victorian and Edwardian Times.

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