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What is Read-Cycling

Read it  。  Love it  。  Share it

Founded in 2009, Read-Cycling (IR No 91/10408) is one of a very few charities in Hong Kong dedicated to books and book lovers.   

We have been working hand-in-hand with like-minded organisations, schools, corporations and individuals in the past 13 years to bring a second life to used books.  

We are also committed to organising cultural activities in various formats with an aim to make reading an essential part of everyday life.

Since 2009, Read-Cycling has received over216,300 quality used books from book donors all over Hong Kong, helping more than 183,900 of them find new homes and thus, saved more than 1,839 trees.

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Two Key Work Areas

1.   Foster a green reading culture

I. We collect used books

from various communities through book donation boxes and counters

II. Volunteers help sort the books by genres
III. Through different channels, we give the books a second life.
2. Promote the joy of reading

We reach out to different communities and curate interesting cultural projects with an aim to nurture more book lovers. In the past years, we have made happen 60 cultural programs and author’s sharing sessions. Add to this 60 activities with primary and secondary schools.



Our Mission
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