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1.  Is it possible I donate used book to you now?

Yes.  We would be happy to receive the books you have to part with and match them with loving new homes.   Please check out the book donation criteria and contact us.  

2.  Is there any book donation criteria?

​Yes.  Please screen your books in accordance with the criteria before bringing them to us so that our warehouse can serve more book donors.   

3.  Do you provide pickup service for book donors ?

We are sorry that we cannot provide pickup service due to resource constraints. ​

4.  What will you do with the books I donated?

One of our missions is to help the good old books entrusted to us by book lovers find new homes.  Here are the ways:

i)    Through Charity Sale -- Our annual readers' carnival Bring A Book & Share as well as the open day in our warehouse provide opportunities for book lovers of all ages to to buy quality used books at approximately 1/3 of original price.  

ii)    Through Re-donation  -- NGOs/Schools can come to our warehouse to choose books with no upper limit in accordance with their interest, for free.   For young book lovers and the less-privileged community members, they can take advantage of the Book Trip Program to bring home books they like, also for free.  

5.  Why don't you directly send the books you received to NGOs/Schools? 

We believe that if the books can match the interests and needs of the prospective readers, there will be a higher chance for them to be read.  That's why we prefer to invite NGOs/schools to come to our warehouse and choose books.  They will have a better understanding than we do on what will suit the taste of their members/students.  Please check out our Free Books Programs if you are interested in taking part. 

6.  Why charity sale but not free-cycle the books you received ?

We are committed to handing over the books we received to book lovers who genuinely love them.  We hope by giving a price tag to the books, people will think rationally before they decide to take them home.  Our goal mentioned-above can thus have a better chance to be achieved.    

On the other hand, we will give away free books to needy NGOs/schools and individuals.  Please check out our Free Books Programs if you are interested in taking part.  

7.  What would you do with the books after charity sale?

​They will go back to our warehouse, awaiting another chance to meet book lovers. 

8.  Where will the proceeds of the charity sale go?

The proceeds will be used to organise used book collection and re-donation projects with an aim to foster more readers and make books more accessible in different neighbourhoods, covering costs on logistics, warehouse and packing, as well as expenses involved in the community cultural events.

9.  Do you have a regular opening schedule for your warehouse, aka PPO Library? 

PPO Library opens to the public every Thursday to Saturday from 1 to 6pm.   NGOs and schools can also schedule a visit for the Free Books Programs.  The Library has a tradition of hosting a series of events for readers of all ages to join two times a year.  Please stay tuned to our website/ Facebook Page for announcement.

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