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Myths & Fairy Tales Collection (Neil Philip)

Myths & Fairy Tales Collection (Neil Philip)


This beautifully illustrated book gathers together many of the most popular myths and fairy tales from all over the world including a selection of the world's most spellbinding stories and myths from the Norse Celtic,Egyptian, Native American, Aboriginal African and Asian traditions. They are retold for readers of all ages in a vivid accessible style by Neil Philip, an authority on myths and fairy tales. The illustrations by Nilesh Mistry skilfully weave together the main episodes of each tale helping young children to follow the stories. This exciting approach also provides intriguing glimpses into the cultures from which these stories have sprung. Background information accompanied by colour photographs explores the tales' historical cultural and geographical context. The Dorling Kindersley Illustrated Myths & Fairy Tales Collection is a classic collection of the world's folklore that is sure to entertain inspire and delight the whole family.


Neil Philip is a writer, folklorist and poet. Neil loves words, poetry, and the art of storytelling in all its forms. Neil has contributed to numerous journals, including The Times, and Signal: Approaches to Children’s Books, and has also written for stage, screen, and radio. His work has won numerous awards and honours, including the Aesop Award of the American Folklore Society and the Literary Criticism Book Award of the Children’s Literature Association. Outside of the storied world, Neil is passionate about cats, art, music, France, food & wine, and friendship.

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