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香港不同面相〡Think the opposite


從小說、雜文、攝影、評論,回顧往昔,見證今日,設想將來。殿堂級編劇陳韻文的《小心》,瀰漫「早已消失的香港風情」;大師級攝影師Hedda Morrison作品《香城故影》,盡收戰後香港城郊風貌與眾生相;還有林夕雜文、年輕作者馬菲以救護員為主角的小說、探討記者角色的評論集及羅永生等不同學者論述香港。

放眼世界,今期有廣告界宗師Paul Arden講逆向思維,圖文並茂,趣味十足,為腦袋開一扇窗,而日本作者的北歐自由生活提案,亦令人心生嚮往。


You might think you can't find a way out during these difficult times. Advertising guru Paul Arden's little book Whatever you think think the opposite. will lend you a different perspective.

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