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【我哋宜家好快樂〡Charity begins at home】

感謝 #宜家家居 支持我們的理念,將本年度SAGOSKATT毛公仔系列收益

不扣除成本全數贈予「書送快樂」,為社區轉贈項目如 「 #無上限選書計劃」及 「 #書送快樂行」提供運作經費,讓更多不同社區、興趣各異的孩子,發現看書的快樂。

書的世界無限大。希望愛書與愛惜孩子的你,考慮買一個SAGOSKATT毛公仔支持我們,同時支持毛公仔的創作者 — 5位 6-12 歲的小畫家。他們在全球比賽共71,000幅畫作中脫穎而出,直率真摯,充滿快樂能量。


【Charity begins at home】Our heartfelt thank you to IKEA for supporting our mission in making books more accessible to kids with diverse backgrounds and needs. The newly-launched SAGOSKATT soft toy collection are designed by kids and IKEA donate the full purchase price to support our community projects, including Free Books for NGOs/schools and the Book Trip Program.

Please consider bringing one of the cuddly friends home. Your kindness will pay off.

* Photo credit/圖片來源: IKEA宜家家居 Facebook


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